The Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society Inc., South Australia

The Pichi Richi Railway Preservation Society is a non-profit total volunteer organisation which aims to preserve the narrow gauge railway through Quorn and the Pichi Richi Pass as an operating museum. It was formed in 1973 by a group of dedicated volunteers. Today the Society operates one of the most significant tourist attractions in the region, attracting adventurers from all walks of life. Members of the Society experience this exciting adventure and become involved and learn many new skills associated with restoration, preservation and operation of this narrow gauge railway, the home of the Old Ghan. Current membership is around 600, which includes full, junior and family categories.

At first it was necessary for members to bring their own hand tools, but gradually the Society began to build up its own store of equipment as finances allowed. Those first “working bees” concentrated on clearing the track, for bushes had grown up along the trackbed and rocks and silt choked the cuttings. There were many sleepers in the track needing replacement and good second hand sleepers were purchased from the old South Australian Railways (SAR) narrow gauge at Crystal Brook. One of the first methods of raising funds was through the sale of “sleeper certificates”. In December 1973, members of the Society met with Government Ministers to seek financial support for the railway project, the result being successful with a tourism grant of $20,000. Locomotive T186 and two W Class locomotives were subsequently purchased. The official opening of the line was held in July 1974 and the State Governor, Sir Mark Oliphant, performed the opening by cutting a ribbon and thus allowing the train to pass on its first new journey. Public trains started operating next day.

The initial trains ran only as far as Summit, about 5 miles, and carried 1351 passengers during the latter part of 1974. During 1975 trains could run to Pichi Richi (7 miles) due to improved track conditions thanks to a Government funded training scheme for Aboriginal fettlers. Because there is no siding, two engines were required, one to haul the train up to Pichi Richi and one to haul it back to Quorn. The track to Woolshed Flat was finally brought into service in 1978.

How Healthy Habits Can Improve Your Business

How Healthy Habits Can Improve Your Business

Business owners are always in search of new and innovative ways to reach the next level in their business practices. Executives are known for the massive amount of attention they give to the growth of their particular industries, but many business leaders are unaware of the effect that health plays on an individual’s ability to effectively lead a company. Many executives have looked to individuals who are experts in the art of business coaching to learn about the effect of healthy habits on business strategy. By employing experts in business coaching like those fromĀ Action Vic Business Coaching, executives are often able to implement important habits that help them to operate their companies in more efficient ways.

Studies have been conducted during the last several years on the effectiveness of health on the work habits of American adults. Several business owners, who originally sought the help of business coaching specialists in an effort improve the visibility of their businesses quickly, found that their dietary habits were antiquated and needed to be adjusted if the maximum business potential of the company was to be reached. After seeking the services of business coaching leaders, many executives have found that their entire diet needed to be reversed.

By reversing their diets as per the request of their business coaching agent, many executives have found that their newly found health has a drastic impact on the way they operate on a day to day basis. According to a study that was recently published in the health section of the Washington Post, cutting foods like white sugar, starches, and processed food can have a massive impact on the clarity with which Americans operate in the workplace. Executive who have engaged in a dietary change because of the request made by business coaching experts have experienced dynamic results, including the increase of sales in their specific businesses. In a survey that was conducted by one of the leading business coaching firms in the United States, data showed that sales among executives who participated in the firm’s dietary challenge improved by an average of 30 percent. These results showed the superiority of healthy habits in the workplace.

Accountants in Geelong For Business Success

Accountants in Geelong For Business Success

If you are planning to invest in any field, you should understand the basics that help a business to stand out. One of the most challenging parts in managing a business is acquiring the right information and implementing the right steps. For maximum output, you may need to involve professionals who bear skills that you lack. Hiring the right person has a lot to do with making decisions. Many accountants in Geelong have been known to offer invaluable business support. You should look for an honest person to help you make your plans to reality.

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To maintain the right market presence, you need to have a strategy that covers a long time. One may find this challenging to achieve, but with support from reliable persons you will push through quite easily. Hiring accountants in Geelong will enable you to manage all these problems and will make it easy for you to find better opportunities. All you need is to seek information about different accountants in Geelong, who are able to make a change to the way you can manage your business.




Youth insearch is an independent charitable organization offering youth intervention programs. The reason behind the founding of the Youth Insearch program was as a result of the slow and little impact of individual counseling in the community. The organization carries out their program in some countries including Australia New Zealand to name but a few. The program helps in the reduction of unwanted behavior in the community such as drug and alcohol abuse, youth related crimes among others. The Youth Insearch program has a focus on young adults aged between the age of fourteen and twenty years so as to enable them reach their full potential during this growth period faced by some challenges and among them peer pressure.


The Youth Insearch vision is to be available to every young person in their country of operation. The mission of this non-charitable organization is to empower the youth to take charge of their lives, by providing them with an enabling environment to develop their self-esteem and play a positive role in the society. The organization is made up of a team of highly trained individuals who deliver the program to the youths. The team is made up of not only the organizations paid staff but also volunteers and partners from different backgrounds.


The Youth Insearch organization, which is not an affiliate of any religious or political group has many objectives that include among others the reduction of the youth’s vices such as drug and alcohol abuse. The organization aims to also young people the positive values of life, enhance their esteem, teaching them the value of getting educated and finally but not the least having them equipped with skills that can make them successful in life.